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Ever since I moved to London, people are always asking me, “What’re you doing this weekend?”, “What’d you do last weekend?” and my stock reply is “As little as humanly possible.”

During my first two weeks here, my current flatmate and I went through a highly traumatic househunt conducted in bitter cold and pouring rain. As neither of us know the first thing about houses, interiors, or neighbourhoods, we adopted the sensible strategy of looking at the best sounding locality names. So, right away, we ruled out “Shepherd’s Bush”. We then considered “Stratford”, a name that, to us, conjured up idyllic scenes of English countryside, but were put off by the fact that its quiet surroundings were often disturbed by the piercing screams of stab victims. So, we finally settled on a flat near “Swiss Cottage”, which does not have that problem. (Our stabbers use chloroform.)

No doubt exhausted by the househunt, and loving the comfort of my new ‘bachelor pad’ (from the Latin ‘bachelor’ – “small flat” and ‘pad’ – “which has not been cleaned for a while”), I lived out my weekends in an almost vegetative state, partly due to hectic workdays (really!) and partly due to a great disillusionment with life caused by Arsenal’s by-now familiar end-of-season collapse.

After a couple of months, when I was sufficiently disgusted with myself, I decided that I needed to change my lifestyle, that I needed to maybe do some travelling. I could go relax on a lonely beach, soak up some art and culture, go upto the mountains, camp out in a jungle, whatever, it didn’t matter. I just felt like I had to BE SOMEWHERE ELSE, ASAP, sort of how Yuvraj Singh feels whenever he gets to the crease these days. And this was helped by the fact that, at around the same time, I was reading Alex Garland’s ‘The Beach’, a book that makes travelling seem cooler than Jay-Z riding a tiger while reading ‘The Economist’ on his iPad.

In the book, there’s a great quote: “If I’d learnt one thing from travelling, it was that the way to get things done was to go ahead and do them. Don’t talk about going to Borneo. Book a ticket, get a visa, pack a bag, and it just happens.”

Now, travelling has always been very high up on the list of stuff I want to do, two places below ‘Jennifer Aniston’ and ten million places above ‘Integral Calculus’. So I booked some tickets, got myself a Schengen visa, and packed a bag. And then it just happened.

And so, in the last couple of weeks, due to a combination of travelling (more on that later, possibly), spending some great times with friends (one of them a successful author), and working like I’ve never done before, I am now red-eyed and drained of energy all the time. With the World Cup also now underway, I can foresee a lot of fatigue in my near future. And weirdly, after all the free time I’ve had in the last few months, it is only now, when I have a thousand more important things to do (like sleep, for instance), that I felt like updating the blog! 🙂 😦


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